Some things just don't change...

But this doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing.

Take Singapore for instance; besides the development of casinos and other entertainment venues all around this tiny state, it's pretty much the same. And yet, millions of people still come here, most of them for the umpteenth time.

While waiting for a friend just now, I was chilling at Starbucks in Orchard and like in all my previous visits - and believe you me, it's a lot of visits - it still looks and feels the same. And yet, I still love it!

Singapore is such a cosmopolitan place. Just in Orchard Road, you'll find all sorts of people - Locals from all races and Foreigners (both tourists and expats) and it is just a joy to watch this kind of environment. It makes you wonder why, for such a small nation, Singapore is what it is today; the world's melting pot.

And as we celebrate our 50th year of independence today, it makes me wonder if we'll ever become like them...


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