Sole What?

Malaysian sneakerheads are abuzz with the news that MINI is opening a new outlet catering to hardcore and wannabe sneakerheads alike. The opening of this new outlet is great news for those of us whose lives are governed by our passions for sneakers.

Edwin aka MINI is the son of the 'tauke' of Sportsland, the oldest and biggest sports outlet chain in the country. Even if he is considered relatively new to the sneaker pimpin' world, kudos must be given to the guy for taking the effort to learn the world of sneakers.

And in the short time he has been involved, he has brought tremendous change to the kind of merchandise available in the outlets. Because of his deep involvement and understanding of the local sneaker culture, Malaysians now are given the opportunity to cop sneakers that are considered 'heat'; something that was clearly unavailable before he took his father's reign.

I'm sure his newest venture will be a tremendous success and I offer my congratulations to you bro! All I'm requesting is that you don't forget J heads like myself :)


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