Protection of foreign employees

I just heard one sick story.

A colleague told me that the Filipino workers who work in TGIF at the Curve were beaten and robbed by a bunch of hoodlums in their own place TWICE! Now, how fuck up is that?

My colleague, who is married to the GM, told us that the Filipinos did not tell their boss (her husband) about the first incident because they were scared of losing their jobs. And why? Because they consume alcohol in the company apartment, something that the company has prohibited.

I know most of these guys as I am a regular in TGIF an they're really a bunch of good guys who pose no harm on anyone. They are here for one thing and that is to work, with the hopes of improving the lives of their families back home. For anyone to pick on them just because they are foreigners is just something that I just couldn't fathom and accept.

We Malaysians are supposed to be friendly and welcoming and yet, we hear stories like this. tsk tsk tsk... I am not saying that all foreign workers deserve our pity. Some of them deserve to be kicked so hard that they end up where they came from. But not these peeps... And it's not because I'm half Filipino but because I know these guys personally and they're really a bunch of hardworking guys.

Even the GM told me that it was really stupid for them not to tell him the first time it happened. I understand their predicament but I have to agree with the GM, they should have informed him. Even if they were drinking and have broken certain company policies, I'm sure he would have closed an eye for their safety is more important. Moreover, you can't really expect Filipinos not to drink in their spare time; they are a drinking society and asking them not to drink is like asking the US to give up their wars all over the world.

I just hope that more Malaysian companies take into consideration the safety of their employees. Of course, it is also a must for these people to stay out of trouble.


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