North or South?

I'm fucking back to square one!

In my quest to do something more meaningful with my career life, I told my headhunter that the time has come for me to look around for a more challenging job. I love Nestle and the brands it has but I can't see myself continuing to do maintenance work as my main scope of job, I just don't...

When I accepted the post with Nestle, I was given the impression that the work is full of challenges and that I would be able to be part of something that would change the whole FMCG industry but the truth of the matter is that, they were nothing but empty promises; promises made to entice me to join them :(

And contrary to what people believe, while Nestle is a good place to work till you retire, it doesn't provide much challenge to people who are dynamic like myself. The company is just too much of a European to take risks in their marketing campaigns. They prefer to stick within the safe boundaries and such direction not only turns me off but it just kills my enthusiasm for my chosen career direction.

So, I decided to make myself available to other companies. This time around, however, I have given strict guidelines to my headhunter, two of the most important are: 1. I want to be part of an organization that will revolutionize Malaysia in whatever industry they are in; and/or 2. I want to go to a company that will allow me to grow with them and beyond Malaysian shores.

As only my headhunter can do, she then dialed the digits and scouted for organizations whom she think can benefit my experiences and will in turn provide me with the challenges I have been seeking.

Within a month, she got me 2 appointments with two great organizations. The first one is undisputedly the biggest computer brand in the United States and a strong #2 worldwide, and the other is a national project that will bypass every other projects Malaysia has ever seen.

The former is based up north and the interview process consisted of 3 phone interviews with 3 different people and when you pass all three, they will then send you a ticket to fly up there and do face-to-face interviews with the 3 people that interviewed you via the phone.

I went through all of them in a span of 1 week and another week after that, a formal offer letter was presented to me. It's a better package than what I'm getting in Nestle and the position calls for me to spearhead the marketing communication division for 6 countries in South Asia.

The 2nd company is based down south. It is an ambitious project; proportion that the country has never seen before. It plans to develop the South into a Dubai-like city and is a joint effort between Federal and State governments with co-operation from the Singaporean and Indonesian governments.

The process is very much straightforward; I first met with the SVP- Human Capital and VP-Strategic Communications and should I be deemed good enough to join them, a sit down with the CEO is then arranged. I have met the two before I went to Manila and will be meeting the CEO this Friday.

While there is no offer on the table just as yet, I am confident that they are in the midst of preparing one. I have good feedback from the people there and after the interface with the CEO, the offer letter comes next.

If things work out well, I'll then have to decide which way I will go. I already have the offer from the one up North and confident of getting the same from down South. If both packages are similar, a decision will then have to be made.

Where do I go?

Do I go North? Or do I go South?

Or do I remain here?

Let's see what happens...


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