Moment of truth

I met the CEO of the organization based down South this afternoon. The meeting was very promising and what really struck me the most with the guys is that, unlike most CEO's of multi-national GLC's, he is very relaxed and even managed to crack jokes throughout the interview. And mind you, his jokes are not your typical Dato-type of jokes, they were really funny.

Here's a good example of his humor:

CEO: Ivan, why do you want to leave Nestle? You have a good career ahead of you and your pay is way above the market package; why leave?

Me: Well, personally Dato', money is not everything to me. I would rather join an organization that would give me the opportunity to do something great, even if it has a lower pay. Moreover, the chance to be part of the team that would undertake one of the bigest and most ambitious projects the country has ever seen do not come everyday.

CEO: Hmmm... (Smirks and Shakes his head in amusement). Do you mind if we put you through a thorough medical check-up?

Me: Not a problem, sir. (Every organization I have worked for required a medical check-up; it was pretty standard)

CEO: Good! Because seriously, we need to check that brain of yours (referring to my earlier comment regarding money not being so important)

He is also very fast in picking whatever you say; an indication of how smart this guy is. To be honest, I was truly impressed, not only with his vision for the organization and what it's set out to do, but as well as his overall demeanor. He exudes coolness in his ways and is very open with his staff.

I'm really impressed with the overall set-up of the organization - the leaders, the people, the environment, etc. - and depending on how the package is like, Down South now has the edge over the one Up North ;)


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