Manila, Manila

I love Manila!

The food is great, the people are friendly (depends on who you run with though) and it is a place to shop and shop and shop! Of course for me, there is the extra incentive of having my family and friends around to visit; it makes the trip more memorable.

Philippines is a country where, if you have the means, everything is readily avalable and within reach. The division of wealth in the country is simply divided into two: the super rich and the super poor. Majority of the nation's population belong to the latter, which is really sad.

Anyways, here are pics I took on the way to my parents place of how the majority of the Filipinos live like:

A normal Filipino house

As you can see from the above, the Filipinos make do with what they have. They will build houses whenever there is a vacant lot and what's worst, after years of dwelling there, they will have to move when the government claims the lands to build something.

But such way of life makes Filipinos survivors and you can put them anywhere in the world and they will find means and ways to blend in and survive. Such miserable living condition is also one of the main reasons why Filipinos go abroad to find a living and support those they leave behind.


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