Malaysian Sneakerheads

At the outset, I need to qualify that whatever I'm writing here DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT represent ALL the so-called Sneakerheads in the country but MAJORITY of them!

Ok, now that's it's out of the way, let me tell you what I think about sneakerpimpin' in this country; simply put, it's PATHETIC! The whole game is played without the same passion and knowledge that other countries do. There's just too many pretentiousness about the whole thing here in Malaysia.

And what pisses me the most is that all these pretenses prevent the real and true sneakerheads from even enjoying each other's passions for the game. More often than not, when you find yourself in a snekaer party, 90% of those present do not know nothing about what makes such coming together a sacrilegeous event.

When the tide of Dunk SB's swept the country a few years back, everyone got into the sneaker game with so much passion; seen only in the likes of Che Guevarra's revolution! And when, in the last year or so, the release of SB's dwindled, these new sneakerheads were lost; they truly believed that SB's were not only the 'in' thing in the world of sneakerpimpin' but also the future of it.

And boy were they wrong! Really wrong! This is what happens when you try to keep up with the Jones' and do not know what you're getting into. When the supply of SB's stopped, these wannabes were lost like a George Bush in Afhganistan!

I bumped into MINI a few weeks back and we agreed that the scene is really pathetic. He even mentioned that these newbies started going after Air Force 1's thinking they're the new SB's when little did they know that it had been around for a good 25 years! This is how pathetic the scene here is!

The only plus point for me is that I hve no problms copping whatever Air Jordan releases they have because none of them are really into J's like the way I am.

Do I hope for a better, more matured and knowledgeable sneakerheads? Hell yeah! It's nice to be able to meet people whose passion for the game is as strong as yours.

Maybe one day...


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