In the company of friends

Nothing beats going to a place where families and friends are abound. Today, I met up with my sneakerhead friends and had a blast! Of course, when you bring a group of sneaker freaks together, stories of shoes and shoes and shoes come in plenty.

Erwin and I (Erwin is one of the biggest Jordan head in the world; this guy's Jordan collecion is simplay amazing)

And anytime you meet fellow sneakerheads, trips to shoe joints is a natural part of the itenary and actually, if you ask me, is a must :) We went to the Nike Park in Greenbelt3 and Glorietta as well as the Nike Stadium and Athlete's Foot in Glorietta.

The last joint for the night was the newly opened Nike Park in Bonificaio High Street at the Fort; a two-story outlet that is a must for all sneakerheads to visit.

Hernan aka MjDKing of ISS and Carlo, my hook-up in Nike Park

After visiting the shops, Erwin informed us that we are going to attend Maxim Magazine's 1st anniversary bash! And when you talk of Maxim, you talk about the Maxim girls! hahaha

The badge that serves as the stamp to get in

The wall poster

Me and one of the Maxim girls

Erwin and one of the girls

The one thing with Filipinos I admire the most is their ability to entertain themselves. These peeps really know how to party. In Malaysia, there lots of posers and wannabes around the party circuit but in the Philipines, they enjoy themselves without the need to pretend to be somebody else.

And when you go to a party with somelike Erwin, you're bound to be at the VVIP room :) It helps because the place was so crowded and it was almost impossible to go anywhere. Plus, champagne is always a must! :)

Erwin and MJDKing

Me with Ramon, Erwin, Hernan

Ryan, Zerl and Ramon

Hernan and his angels :)

Me with Ryan and his date, Zerl, Ramon and Hernan


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