What a Day!

I had a very good day today.

I had fun during the interview this afternoon and when I got back home, my AJ VIII Retro Aqua's was already waiting for me! My hook-up has made me happy again :) Thanks man...

The retro's are a bit bigger than the normal AJ VIII's; my advice to those who plan to cop them is get half a size smaller. I am a sz9 and the better fit would have been an 8.5 but considering the fact that the AJ VIII's are pretty tight and very hot when you ball in them, perhaps this would give my feet better breathing space when I twist and turn on the court.

And I got this matching T when I was in Manila. I can't wait to UnDS them! The T's came in two colors but I chose the white-based because the purple-based was a bit yucky!


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