Ecstatic State

I am in Ecstasy right now!

No, not the drug but in the state of ecstasy!

Remember the job interview I went to last Friday? The one Down South? Well, I just received a call from the SVP-Human Capital Development and guess what? They offered me the post!

I haven't given them my reply yet but the chances are I will accept the offer. The package is good but more importantly, albeit technically I will be based Down South, I will be spending most of my time here in KL :) It's only logic that KL will be my base as the job scope entails liaison with the media as well as the different agencies we have hired so far.

God! I'm so happy. . .

I will speak to my Small Baby about this later and I foresee no problem at all. She has always supported me in whatever I chose to do and I'm sure she will support my decision.

Besides the remuneration, the thing I like most about this job is that I'll have the opportunity to be part of something big. And I will be heading their Branding Department! To head a department of a potentially multi-billion organization is something that doesn't come by often...


And from my sneaker passion point of view, I will be able to pop by Singapore easily to cop my J's hehehe They always have a better selection and range than KL and whenever a new J drops, I can easily slide my way there and get them! :)

Ya Allah, thanks for continously blessing me :)


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