Bangkok, here we come!

With all the chaos and excitement that is happening in my professional life, I think a little holiday is very much needed. And after considering all options, my Small Baby and I decided that a quick trip to Bangkok is the way to go.

So yes, we're off to Bangkok tomorrow! Though this is not the first time we're both visiting that lovely place, it's been quite a while - 2 years? - that we have actually been there just to holiday. I'm really excited because, not only my Small Baby loves the place, the recent mushrooming of streetwear clothing and sneaker shops there makes it a place for me to visit.

I will try to remember that I am there to relax and not hunt for sneakers :) But then again, I'm an Air Jordan collector and from what I heard and read in various online sites, J's ain't really the thing there. Well, that is good for me as I would be able to watch my budget hehehe

As always, I will try to chronicle our days there and because my Small Baby is with me, I'm sure we'll be taking lots of pics...


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