Bangkok, Bangkok :) Day 1

We started our 1st day in Bangkok pretty early. As the room came with free breakfast, my Small Baby and I checked out the restaurant and while the menu is mainly like any other 5 star hotels, there was an added touch of Thai and other Asian food to sample.

After breakfast, we then proceeded to explore Bangkok: me looking for some J's and my Small Baby looking for basically anything and everything :)

Bangkok is once city one should never take cabs, despite how colorful and beautiful they are. The traffic is horrendous and is a complete waste of your time. Like every tourist, we took the train.

We got down in Siam Station and the first thing that greets you is the Siam Paragon Mall; and it's really a great mall. It's very upscale and like the airport, you will find almost every high-end brand in this world. The whole mall is like the Privilege Floors in KLCC and the ambiance is just great for shopping.

My Small Baby wanted to go to MBK and to get there, you will pass by two more shopping malls - the Siam Center and I can't remember the other one.

This is the second mall that you will pass through to get to MBK. It's not bad and they even have a LeSportsac boutique; a brand that my Small Baby likes.

The MBK! It's freaking huge and the most favored mall by tourists. It's great for bargain hunting if you're not brand conscious. But on the way there, I was mesmerized with the colorful-ness of the place from the outside. Just look at those taxis!

When my Small Baby ventured into the myriads of shops in MBK, I went to look for sneaker spots. There are none, sadly :( But I found this place called Genesis and even if what they're selling is nothing much, the owner's Dunk SB collection is simply amazing.

I am no Dunk SB fan but one just can't help but admire his collection:



The very first SB! How many of this do you see?

The owner's brother; great guy

On the way from Siam Paragon to MBK and vice versa, there is this little park that has a half-court basketball court and what does a sneakerhead who loves basketball do when he sees one? He plays ball!

After shopping for hours in MBK - at least my Small Baby did - I wanted to check out Central World. I was informed that the biggest Nike Performance outlet is there and that's the reason why I wanted to check the place out.

Zen: the first urban wear shopping center in the world (at least, that's what they claim) Anyways, I got 3 LRG shirts from this place. They also have the largest Lacoste outlet in South East Asia (again, it's their claim)

After hours and hours of shopping (we left the hotel at 11am and got back to the hotel at 9:30 pm), my Small Baby and I wanted to chill, listen to some good Hip-Hop music and have champagne; so we then decided to check the RCA, a row of clubs. (Will posts pics soon -_-)


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