Bangkok - The Arrival

So, as scheduled and planned, my Small Baby and I left for Bangkok on the 23rd of this month.

We could have taken MAS as we only pay 10% of whatever the published rate is but my Small Baby wanted to try out Air Asia as she hadn't taken one before. So, instead of taking the normal MAS flights, I'm back to the LCCT once again; only this time, it is to take an Air Asia flight and like my Small Baby, this is also my first time taking Air Asia.

And being a big Manchester United fan since the times of Bryan Robson, I am so glad that my ride to Bangkok looked like this:

That's the potent 2 R's of the Red Devils :)

Glory, Glory Man United!

2 strikers who are no longer with us :(

When we got to Bangkok, the first thing that I noticed with amazement was their new airport, the Suvarnabhumi. The place is huge! It is truly a wonder, designed, planned and well executed. The airport looks very cosmopolitan and contemporary.

But what really blew me was the number of outlets in their Duty Free Zone; the place has one of the greatest dining and shopping outlets I have seen in the world. For the brand-conscious types, they have every high-end brands known to mankind. Name it and the chances are, they have a boutique there.

Unlike Malaysia's pride - KLIA - the Bangkok International Airport is very lively despite the lack of entertain programs happening. But then again, with the kind of retail outlets they have, you wouldn't get bored even if you spend hours there.

Some of the high-end brand boutiques at the airport

The Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Another thing I have always liked about Bangkok is their colorful taxis :) You'll never find cabs anywhere in this world that as colorful as the ones in Bangkok.

Anyways, my friend recommended a nice cozy little boutique hotel but when we got there, my Small Baby and I felt that the place was too small for our liking, so we then went to a hotel where we have always been comfortable. Moreover, I'm a platinum member of the particular international chain of hotels and despite having no reservations, they accommodated us :) Guess being a platinum member pays hehehe

The hotel lobby

My Small Baby!

The way to the rooms

After checking in and settling, we went to a nearby place for dinner. It was called Silom Village where they served authentic Thai seafood. It was a bit pricey but the food was good, so it was worth it.

After the sumptuous meal, we called it a night. As my Small Baby said, we needed our strength for tomorrow's shopping spree.


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