And like MJ, I'm BACK!!!

After all these months of not feeling like writing anything, I have finally regained the appetite to start blogging again. Besides the timing factor - me being with too much work - I just temporarily lost the will to write. Yeah I could have entered one-liners just to fill an entry but those who know me will attest that I am th ekind of person who either does things all the way or not do anything at all.

But it's all in the past now. I am back and I will continue to write whatever shit that it is I feel like writing! I have received so many emails from friends and others whom I don't know asking and requesting me to write more about my Air Jordan's and my recent pick-ups and since I started this blog onthe premise of my being a sneakerhead, I shall adhere.

That's it for my comeback hehehe

Stay tuned to this blog and I'ma take y'all for another journey.

Peace out.


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