The Air Jordan VIII

The year 2007 has already seen the burst of the Air Jordan III's and from this September onwards, the sneaker world of Jordan maniacs will again go crazy as we see the return of the AJ VIII Retro's.

The original Air Jordan VIII was released during the 1992/93 season. That year, MJ and the Bulls have won their 3rd NBA title in a row. On a personal level, MJ won his 7th consecutive scoring champion and reached the 20,000 points club.

For me, the year of the VIII's was a crossroad in my life. I was in my final year at the the university and the time has come for me to take life more seriously as I step into the working world and try to make something out of myself.

I remember my friends and I going gaga over the VIII Aqua's when they were released :) At that time, the colorway was kinda funky for a basketball shoe. And because the GOAT himself wore that same colorway during the All Star game, the Aqua's were the 'must cop' pair then; and now, 15 years down the road, they are the most coveted pair amongst the AJ VIII family.

My AJ VIII Aqua's :)

There were only 3 colorways released for the VIII's: White/Black-True Red, Black-Back-True Red and of course the Aqua's. The VIII's were kinda heavy but was a great basketball shoes. For someone like me who needs good ankle protection, the AJ VIII's provided just that. It was pretty uncomfortable at first, with all the straps and padding, specially when you have ran quite a bit as you feel like you're whole feet is burning. But once you've gotten accustomed to it, it was truly a great basketball shoes despite all its uncomfortableness.

In 2003, the AJ VIII's were retroed for the first time with 4 variations: the original White/Black-True Red colorway, Black/Chrome and 2 lows, White/Met Silver and the Black-Trued-Del Sol.

This year, the Aqua's will return alongside the original Black/Black-True Red and a host of other new colorways, some good looking, some downright ugly!

Here's what in store for us Jordanheads this year; the first to drop is the AJ VIII's Aqua's: (pics taken from ISS and NikeSB)

The Aqua's are already out and are being sold in some places, even if the official release date is a few weeks away. And like I normally do, my hook-ups have gotten me a few pairs and should be on their way here hehehe I will post pics when these babies are already in my hand :)

I am also debating as to whether I'ma complete the AJ VIII's and buy all the colorways eventhough some of them makes me fucking puke. Hmmm...


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