Judging someone incorrectly...

I have always had the uncanny ability to pierce through people; I seem to be always right about someone even after just one meeting. Lately though, I was totally wrong about someone...

The Group Account Director for the agency that globally handles our Brands is someone who, at one glance, would be mistaken for one of those high-flying account servicing girls - attractive, fashionable and dating a rich man's son.

She has all the ingredients aforementioned but you can add intelligent to the list, something many of those kind do not posses. While she has all the above – I’m not sure about who she’s dating though – her path to where she is now is one amazing story!

Unlike the girls you find in most ad agencies, she was born into a poor family. On top of that, the dad ran away with whatever savings they had for her education. Suffice to say, she got into the workforce with nothing but her SPM qualification and a determination to make a living for her and her family.

11 years down the road, she is one successful woman! Only in her late 20’s, she’s getting a salary that most people would die for. But the thing is, she deserves every penny she is currently earning.

I have been in the company of other servicing people all my working life – either as a client or in an agency – and I can safely say that she is one of the most intelligent servicing people around. She truly is an asset to the entire advertising industry in the country.

And to pit my brain with her on almost a daily basis is very insightful and something I look forward to. Moreover, it is refreshing to know that somewhere out there, someone with the classic attributes of what David Ogilvy wrote in his unforgettable “Diary of an Ad Man” still exists.

And for how I pre-judged her based on her looks, I offer my sincerest apologies…


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