Oh what a day!

Nowadays, I always look forward to my Fridays...

It is the day when I get to go home early without having to worry about waking up early the next day. Even if I don't get to go home early because of work, I still look forward to it because I know I'll be spending time with my Small Baby :)

However, yesterday, it wasn't how I planned it to be. Lately, my boss has been picking on me and of all days, my boss picked on me yet again. My WIP meeting was supposed to be from 3 pm till 5 pm but knowing that I made plans, he intentionally dragged it till almost 9 pm!

I have this hate-love relationship with him; he fucking knows he can rely on me on basically anything and everything but on the other hand, my ability to do everything thrown at me at turn them into mind-boggling strategies puts his blue eyed boy and girl into a tough spot.

In the almost 5 years he has been here, he has sort of groomed two of my colleagues; our current National Sales Manager and one of my Brand Managers. The former was promoted so fast that everyone in the company knew the only reason he is what he is now is because my boss likes him so much. Does he deserve his current position? Fuck NO! The dude is fucking incompetent, if you ask me.

The other protégé is the one I have mentioned in my blog before. When I joined, everyone was telling me how good she was but honestly, until today, I am still yet to see in her the qualities everyone was talking about. She is a good worker, no doubt but she can't think! Maybe my standards are too high but I ain't gonna be forced into promoting someone who doesn't even qualify my minimum requirement.

Anyways, going back to my relationship with my boss, I know he knows he could can count on me for anything but at the same time, my qualities make it difficult for his two protégés. And because of this, he fucking picks on me!

Yesterday was one of those days when he decided to get at me. As mentioned, my 2 hours WIP meet-up was supposed to be from 3-5 but he dragged it so that I wouldn’t be able to do whatever plans I had. What a prick!

But this time around, something was different. All my staff and those whoa re from different departments within our business division stayed behind! Even those who normally leave by 5 were all there!

And you know why they stayed behind? It was some show of support for me knowing what my boss was doing was uncalled for! Man, I am not the emo type but when your staff does little things like that for you, you know you have been a good boss J

I was so touched by their actions; how many people can they say that about their staff? My boss tried to ask them to go home early, saying it was a Friday and they should be going out and having fun but they remained adamant in just chilling in the office until the injustices done to me is done! What more can a boss want? I feel so loved and respected… And when it finally ended around 9pm, they just came to me and said “hang on there boss, we know…”

What a bunch of great people, my staff are. Besides the porky pig who is in Vevey right now and a couple of imbeciles, I truly feel blessed in having such a bunch of staff!

And coming Monday, I am going to work with a new sense of belief and feelings. Besides trying to show the peeps at Nestle what I am made of, I am looking forward to going to work because I know there are others who respect me.

And that is really a great feeling…


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