My friend, the Congressman...

While I was in a meeting this afternoon, my cell kept on ringing non-stop. Usually, after 2 calls, the person calling would know that I am indisposed and will either leave a message and/or just text me.

However, this call just kept on ringing and ringing and it reached a point where I told myself I had to it pick up, more so, seeing that it was an overseas call. I was worried that it could be my parents and/or my siblings and that there was an emergency or something, God forbid.

When finally answered, after excusing myself from the meeting, it was one of my friends, a fellow Jordan head. He just wanted to tell me that he has officially filed his candidacy to run as Congressman of Makati District!

Man, I was so happy to hear that his dreams are finally coming true. He has always wanted to be a politician and I hope and pray that come May, the Philippines will finally have an Air Jordan-wearing Congressman!

God Bless, bro!


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