In pursuit of happyness...

After going through a crazy but fulfilling week, I had to unwind at the end of it. Last night, the first in a few weeks now, I went to the Curve with my Small Baby to have dinner and ended up catching 'In pursuit of Happyness' afterwards.

We went to this restaurant opposite Laundry Bar again. My Small Baby really likes this place as it's not so crowded and the foods are not that bad. It's open-aired and is a very cozy place to have a chat but for the life of me, I seem to always forget the name of the establishment.

Anyways, I had a whole Pepperoni Pizza for myself and it may not be the best in town but I sure loved it though. Sprinkled with a lot of Tabasco, it was a great eat. My Small Baby, being the kind who tries every meal on the menu, ordered some pasta this time around. She wasn't really happy with her order and shared the pizza with me.

We watched the Will Smith-starred movie afterwards. I have been looking forward to watching this movie for quite sometime now and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a poignant story about the shit some people have to go through life and the movie teaches us to never give up on things. It was also a story about how a father should be and the big Will delivered his best ever acting performance todate.

I came out of the movie realizing that happiness comes in many forms and while we tend to bitch and whine about the most trivial of things, there are others who live by the day and yet take whatever blessings come their way.

A truly inspiring movie and I was inspired…


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