Crazy, crazy week!

Oh man, the week that just passed drained the life out of me, leaving me both physically and mentally exhausted.

But it was so fucking great and I loved every moment of it! Despite being on the brink of collapse, I have no complains at all for they were all so fulfilling, so inspiring and so deserving of our salaries! -_- hehehe

From Monday to yesterday, the earliest I got home was midnight and the latest at 3 am. And despite not being a morning person, I was consistently at the office before 7:30 am everyday, a record in itself for me. I did stay late a few nights last week but it was more of a coerced scenario. This week however, I won't whine about the late nights because they were spent on strategizing and finalizing our upcoming activities, things that my team and I are so excited about.

We have a consumer promotion coming up next month, a few new recipes to work on, a thematic campaign in a few months, a bunch of new clandestine projects; now this is Branding at its finest and I am very, very excited and deliriously looking forward to each and every activity implemented.

For the first time since I joined the biggest F&B organization in the world, I am looking forward to the coming weeks! I will try to blog about them daily, even if it's only a line or two, to update y'all on where we are heading; of course, I can't get into the details but nevertheless, a clear outline as to where I am planning to bring my Brands as well as the whole division in general.



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