Update: Pics from the AF1 25 Anniversary Party :)

These are the pics I managed to steal ask from some peeps hehehe

Thanks to BadBoyBen and Brian (Baccardi) for the pics and again, to my main man, Point Blanc for the invites.

Enjoy -_-

The VIP Night (1/25/07)

Brian, Kzzit (Founder of Streething) BadBoyBen and Mini (Owner of the biggest Nike outlets in Malaysia)

DJ Nesh who rocked the crowd (He is, to me, the BEST Hip-Hop DJ in the country)

Me, Brian and Mrs BadBoyBen (I'm rocking the AF1 Philippines; Need to REPRESENT PINOY PRIDE)

Point Blanc rocking the event! He is the main reason why I attended the event in the first place

Point and Ean (Ean is yet to ball with me; always giving excuses coz he knows I'll school him in the art of playing basketball hehehe)

Me and BadBoyBen (the one dude I truly respect and admire; his shit is fucking awesome man!)

Exclusive Streething Members Party (1/27/07)

Brian and Me (I'm wearing each pair of the Thunder and Lighting Pack on each foot hehehe Die fucking haters die!) And this boy humored me the entire time I was with him; fucking great guy to be with.

DJ Goldfish and DJ Blink who took over the consul that night (They are two of the famous DJ's in Malaysia, headlining their own shows)

From R-L: Me, My Man Point and his lovely betterhalf, the lovely Tasha

The 'Cina Man from Ipoh' doing his thang (with WordsManifest of TRS)


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