Tomorrow, the axe will fall!

I'm going ahead with the restructuring and just hope that the staff will understand that such changes are necessary to move the business forward. I know people will be affected but we all must have one common goal and should work towards that goal.

Personal egos must be set aside and sacrifices need to be made; I know it's easy for me to say this as I am lucratively paid and my privileges are not affected but I honestly mean it when I say the changes that will take place need to happen for the betterment of the business in general.

Besides the dude who will be affected the most, another staff that will feel the pinch of the restructuring is a girl in my team. She is currently a Brand Manager and if I were to listen to the rumors that are going around, she is expecting to be promoted to a Senior Brand Manager.

I have been told that this girl is good and that she really knows her shit and have single-handedly catapulted the Brands under her to where they are today. In my 3 weeks, most of those who know I have the authority to change her promotion status have told me how brilliant she is; that's how strong her cables are.

In all fairness, I am new and within the short time I have been with the company, I am yet to see this 'excellence' people are always taking about. On the other hand, it is also not fair for me to say whether she is really good or not, based on my limited time with her.

I won’t be promoting her just yet; I am giving her another 6 months to prove to me that she is indeed worth the Senior Brand Manager title. Not taking anything away from what she has apparently done, I’ve always believed that if you’re good, another 6 months won’t make much of a difference. And if I were to listen to what everyone had told me about her, she shouldn’t be worried at all, no?

At the end of it all, we always practice fairness in all our dealings. It is then incumbent upon me to find the balance between fairness to the employees concerned and the need to do what I am planning to do.

And come tomorrow, I know I'll get dagger stares from some of them. But hey, again, let’s focus on the common goal…

It is indeed lonely at the top :(


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