So many happenings, so little time :(

I know I haven't been blogging since My Small Baby came back.

It's partially because I wanted to devote whatever free time I have to spending it with her. And I have also been stuck with myriads of work commitments; the amount of time I have been spending in the office has been unbelievable! I do like my new job but sometimes, it is really frustrating to work with a bunch of marketing imbeciles!

Man, I have some of the worst so-called marketers around!

I have never seen a bunch of individuals - who proudly call themselves marketers - as stupid as some of the staff I have. I mean, for xample, there is a plan for a national consumer promotions in mid-April and it is now February and nothing has been finalized yet! Fuck, there's not even a concept and mechanics to start the ball rolling! How the fuck would anyone run a consumer promotion in two months time and yet nothing has been started?

Fucking imbeciles, I tell you!

And the worst part is that they expect our ad agency to perform miracles for them. Granted that the agency is being paid to act as our communications consultants but dude, they don't work for only one fucking client! To be honest, if JWT had a choice (they don't because we are a globally-aligned client), they would have resigned us as an account! Not only our billings are so-so, they also have to work with a lot of stupid marketers! I actually pity them...

In the years that they have servicing us, we have never even been to their office; all meetings are always held in our turf. So last Wednesday, I took it upon myself to bring my staff to the agency and hold our weekly WIP meeting over at the agency's office.

My intention, besides the fact that I need a break from the kind of environment we have, was to allow these Prima Donna’s to see how an agency actually works, hoping they will realize that there are processes that need to be followed when work needs to be revised and what not. I want them to realize that we are not the only client JWT has and hence, they can't just give in to our whims and fancies.

Anyways, since our Media Agency was also there to attend the meeting, a tour of their office was also made. Mindshare is the best and the biggest media agency in this country and I tell you, I was really impressed with their operations.

The meeting was supposed to be only for 2 hours max but when we were touring Mindshare's office, I bumped into an ex-colleague of mine from my Leo Burnett days and he told me that a lot of the Burnetters have moved to O&M and he insisted that I should pay them a visit. I did and ended up staying for another 2 hours catching up!

Man, reliving old days with my ex-colleagues was a much-needed breather for me; a temporary rest from the structured environment that we have in Nestle. I also found out that they were servicing our Maggi Brands and told them to holler at me the next time they are at the Nestle House.

A lot has happened since the last time I blog and apologize to y’all for not updating.

Hopefully, I’ll be blogging again constantly like before.


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