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The government just doesn't have a fucking clue, do they?

I read last week that the Ministry of Health has proposed to ban fast food companies from advertising on TV. My first reaction was: "are you fuckin' kidding me?"

Honestly, does he think that by doing so, people will stop patronizing fast food joints? If so, then we really have a bunch of imbeciles as Ministers!

Banning McDonald's or KFC or Burger King or Pizza Hut or Domino's and what not from TV WILL not stop people from enjoying their respective foods. For all you know, the Minister motherfucker himself goes to such joints. Even if he is so health conscious, I bet my ass that his family members do!

Didn't they learn from the Tobacco boys? Did the ban on them work? Hell no! I understand the need to stress for a healthier living but dude, there are more important things the Ministry of Health could work on, for example, improving the facilities of all government hospitals.

Just as the ciggie boys have proven, no amount of banning will stop people from eating at fast food outlets. It’s basic human and development evolution. The more develop a country becomes, the more its inhabitants go for these kind of luxuries.

And if they are really serious about promoting healthy living, they may as well ban other products like soft drinks, canned foods, and even chocolates. Well, if they actually ban chocolates, I’m still ok with it because Cadburry’s would be the one who would suffer most! LOL

Seriously though, this proposal is pure crap. Ronal McDonald and Colonel Sanders have been part of Malaysian culture for such a long time now. Banning them from TV would only allow them to save more money, the government may as well take those as payment for media buys.

And since it’s still CNY, even of they implement the ban, who wouldn’t go for those Prosperity Burgers McD always comes up with during CNY?

Fucking idiots lah our Ministers, I tell you.


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