Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Just when I need to shake myself out of sadness, the skies opened up and acted against me again!

Fuck, isn't CNY supposed to be hot?

I was told that it should always be hot during this time of the year and yet, here I am desperately in need of my basketball fix, it still motherfuckin' rains!

What la wei! Can the skies at least be nice to me, just this once?

Whenever I need some space or whenever I need to think, I go and play ball. The court takes my mind completely off from whatever it is that is clouding my thoughts. And just when I really need to clear my fuckin' mind, it rains! How lah to play ball like this?

Damn! I have been emoing too much lately!

What the fuck?

Emoing just drains the shit out of me; I need to do something to get out of this pathetic phase...


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