Paying for my sins...

What do you do when you have committed the unforgivable?

Me? I go through the extremes and if need be, the other end of the world, to make amends!

I guess I may have been carried away in yesterdays’ post :( But then again, hunger makes you write things like that! LOL

Can’t blame a hungry man, can you?

Anyways, to atone for my sins, I resolved to make up for it. Having completely forgotten about two of the things I’m most passionate about – Basketball and Air Jordan’s – I took it upon myself to make sure that my love for both remains as strong and unconditional as before.

Yesterday, after a long, long time, I went to my hood to play basketball. Not even 5 minutes into the game, the sky turned dark and the next thing we knew, it was pouring heavily already :(

What the fuck?

I know I forgot lah but (looking at the sky) cut me some slacks dude! It wasn’t as if I intentionally did it, right? There goes my chance to make amends, and get some exercise in the process…

Knowing that it was futile to wait and see if it would stop raining, I went o Jumaah for dinner. While there, I txted me homeboy back in NY and asked for the latest news on the AJ III’s, set to be released in a few colorway, from this month onwards. He replied, saying that some of them are already available for, of course, a certain premium.

The soon to be released AJ III Retro's (All Pics taken from ISS)

White/Fire Red - Cement Grey (Release Date: 3/24)

Silver/Sport Red - Light Graphite (Release Date: 2/24)

Brisque Blue/Pro Gold- Radiant Green (Release Date: 4/14)

White/Metallic Silver (Release Date: 5/19)

Black/Dark Charcoal-Black (Release Date: 6/16)

White/Chrome- Black (Release Date: 3/24)

All this while, this is how I hustle for my J’s. I always get them way earlier than the released dates for a price. But paying those extra little dollars beats waiting for the release date. Not to mention, the hassle of queuing up and at times, fighting for them.

Thinking that I needed to do it to atone for my sins, I told him to go ahead and hustle for me. That’s how it’s done! I then called my friend in the Philippines and asked him about my pre-booked pairs of the AJ III White/Fire Red colorway; he replied it’s as good as done.

I know I would feel the pinch when it’s time to send payment but it is all good though. Moreover, I don’t have to send them the payment straight away. Having known these two dudes for over 1o years, payment was, is and will never be a problem. We all trust each other enough to know one wouldn’t flake on the other.

I feel a bit better now. It’s still ain’t enough to completely absolve myself from my sins but it’s a step to the right direction.

As always, when I receive them, I will post it here for y’all…


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