My Small Baby's Back!!!

And I'm very, very happy :)

But life is really funny, I tell you.

She arrived on this afternoon and I wasn't even there to pick her up from KLIA! *very sad and disappointed at myself*

All this week, I have prepared myself to pick her up, even cancelling meetings so that I can free myself for the drive to the airport to pick her up. But last night, I was hit by a terrible and nasty bout of fever and flu!


Well, she reached home around 3 plus and only God knows how I missed her. I am still sick as fuck with a heavy head, runny nose and sore and itchy throat. But it's all good because my Small Baby is back...

We went to the Curve for dinner and off to a clinic in Kelana Jaya to get some meds for me. The doctor was a very old Punjabi guy and was pretty strict with dishing out MC's but he knew I was sick and gave me one hehe Well, he almost didn't give me one actually because I went there quite late but he relented because he likes our KitKat Cappuccino and I promised to give him a box! LOL

My Small Baby is back and life is somehow different; no more stress, no more loneliness...

My Small Baby is back and I'm happy again...


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