Monday Mornings...

Unlike most working people in Malaysia, I take it upon myself to go to work on Mondays with the hopes that I'll get stuck in traffic!

I know it sounds ludicrously crazy but I really get off from seeing the faces and reactions of your average Joe's and Jane's stuck in traffic. LOL

The 'official' work time for us starts at 8:15 but it's pretty flexible really; bottom-line, the cut off time for normal employees is 9:00 am but like any other company, the higher you are in the company hierarchy, the later you can come -_-

But because I am relatively new, I try to be in the office latest by 9:30 even though I know I can get away with being in the office at a much later time.

Anyways, on Mondays, I leave my place at a certain time so that I get stuck in the middle of a massive traffic jam LOL

Don’t get it twisted, I don’t have a fetish for it but I enjoy drinking in the surroundings around me, observing how the general Malaysian workforce view Mondays, more so, when stuck in the middle of a massive morning traffic.

I know it sounds cruel and evil, no? But hey, that’s how I am dude…

What ceases to amaze me is that most people are so freaking mad and stressed about Monday mornings! I know being stuck in traffic gets to anyone but dude, it's Monday and it's the start of a new week; shouldn't we be at least more forward-looking?

I have always believed that Monday mornings - no matter how stressful they can be when you're stuck in traffic - should be met with some form of eagerness and excitement in our lives.

I mean, if you start your week being all gloomy and pissy, just imagine how your week would go… I am not saying I have no mood swings here and there but the point is, it’s a Monday and let’s at least look forward to the week with some excitement.

But the again, these people have been like this for ages and I seriously doubt if Malaysians will ever change.

Oh well...


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