It's indeed a wonderful small world!

I just got one of the biggest surprise of my professional life!

I was chatting with Chappy, an ex-colleague of mine. He called to wish me 'gong xi, gong xi' and in the course of our conversation, he casually told me about my new position at Nestle.

I was actually surprised that he even knew I am now with Nestle, considering that this dude is now based in Bangkok. When I asked him how he knew, he told me that he's kept in touch with another ex-colleague of ours who has his boss then.

me: how lah did she know I am now with Nestle?
chappy: aiya! brother, she know one.
me: but how lah and why does she even know?
chappy: you don't know meh? she's your competitor lor.
me: huh?
chappy: bro, you stupid or what? she is the marketing manager of Cadburry's lah; she's been there for 4 years!
me: really ah? what the fuck?

And not only my biggest competitor is my ex-colleague, her husband is also one of the sales bosses in our Ice Cream Division!

How small is this world huh?


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