Home alone on CNY

I know I am supposed to go visiting.

But I'm not the type.

So, while My Small Baby has gone to visit relatives after relatives, I am staying home. I know it's probably selfish of me to do so but hey, I do not even go from house to house to visit my relatives during Hair-Raya, what more when I do not really know the people that I will be visiting if I indeed go with her.

I understand that such auspicious occasion calls for families getting together and while I consider her family as mine as well, I am not really big on showing my face just because society as a whole demands it.

Moreover, isn’t the reunion dinner on the eve the most important moment of CNY? And last night’s dinner was splendid, made more memorable because I like the closeness of My Small Baby's family. On top of that, her brother gave us his very first ‘Ang Pow’ now that he is already married. And what better way to end the night than falling asleep with Popoh while watching Arsenal’s game against Blackburn! LOL

But to visit the extended family members is a totally different matter, I believe. Besides not really knowing them, I am no good at small talk. I have a tough time getting into conversations with people I rarely know about the most mundane of things. I have tried doing it in the past but I just can't seem to fit in such environment.

And this is why I am home alone on CNY.

And very hungry! LOL

*takes off to get some food from a nearby gerai*


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