Fuck MBPJ!

They towed my car!

I have always had a soft spot for Petaling Jaya because my Small Baby is from there. If you listen to her talk about the place, you would think it was a country by itself! LOL

But she's not the only one; the others I have met, through the years, also talked about PJ with the same passion and grandeur. I guess those who were born and raised in PJ are very protective of their place and they all share the same sentiments, more like an identity really...

It's all good though...

But yesterday, my perception and tolerable acceptance of Petaling Jaya was flushed down the drain by the conduct of the MBPJ officers. They fucking towed my car!


I have been told they were strict but c'mon now... I wasn't endangering anyone nor was I disrupting traffic flow; all I did was parked my SUV against the direction of the road. The thing is, it was parked properly and in accordance with MBPJ's rules - it was inside the box and I have a monthly pass.

Normally, I park inside the Nestle House but yesterday, I decided to park outside because I was going for my Friday prayers and didn't want to go through the hassle of parking inside the building as going out would involve a lot of checks for goods and what not.

Everything was in order besides the direction of how my car was parked. While the rest of the cars were parked facing one direction, mine faced the opposite. Anyone of you familiar with the parking bays in front of our office would know that it's such a hard place to find a parking lot.

And as I was driving to work yesterday, I saw an empty lot on the other side of the road; should I have gone all the way till the end to make a U-Turn, the chances are, by the time I get back, the bay would been taken by someone else. So, I did the most logic thing to do, turn right and parked my car and that is why it was facing the opposite direction.

But it was inside the box! And I have a monthly pass! But if they still think that it was parked wrongly, then fine!

To add insult, when I went to collect it this morning, they told me to wait till Monday because the cashier – or whoever it is in-charge of fines – do not work over the weekend!

What the fuck???

I may not drive the classiest of rides around but I can’t function without my SUV! What the hell am I gonna do over the weekend then? Rot at home and watch TV? Now I can't even go to Setiawangsa and ball :(

Fuck you, MBPJ!!!

Note to Small Baby: Sorry baby, I know how much you love your PJ but I’m just so pissed with how they operate.


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