Fuck, I'm Good! hahaha

Or so I was told.

I don't think it's anything extra-ordinary; it's just plain common sense, really.

And good marketers will tell you that, more often than not, when consumer promotions are ran, the winners are always not from the core target audience of that particular Brand. Any contests in this country are mostly participated by your average uncles and aunties.

Now, if you were in my position, knowing that normal contests would not attract your core target audience, would you do another one that is bound to attract your contests-addicts and not the group you're targeting?

Again, it's plain common sense.

Nowadays, more and more companies are running away from such kind of contests. The days of promotions that require 'proof of purchase' are over because they totally attract the wrong target audience. To cast a wider net, consumer promotions must be done without the hassle of getting your target audience to prove their entry. After all, especially if you're core target is between the ages of 18-25, getting them to participate in such contests would prove hard as they don't have the time and the will to do the mundane stuff like proof of purchase and what not.

That's what was on my mind when I wrote this year's KitKat consumer promotion. I know who my core audience are and I know how they think, at least most of them. Knowing their lifestyle and thinking, why the hell would I want to run a promotion that would discourage them from participating?

While I can't write how the promotion will be done because of confidentiality issues, it is suffice to know that we all need a break from something in our lives, don't we? We live in such a chaotic and stressful life that, giving my core audience a break from what they need a break from is the preamble by which our national consumer promotion is based on.

But don't worry; I'm not merely giving out 'KitKat' chocolates! LOL

What I hope to achieve from this activity is revolution of sorts; am avenue for my core target to voice out their frustrations. And in the end of it all, not only do we give them a place of solace, we will also reward them by giving the break that they so want.

The only problem I anticipate lies with selling this idea internally to the sales team. I'm sure they will whine about not doing anything for the trade but c'mon now dude, isn't this a CONSUMER promotion? I also understand that they need to sell this idea to the Trade but how I look at it is simple: if they can't even sell such an idea to their clients, then they ain't good at all!

Moreover, I know how the sales people are; they will always whine and bitch about anything and everything that we marketers come up with. So, why should I even care? And that's that, as far as I am concerned.

I am a Brand person and I build Brands for a living. The discipline of Branding can't be expected to bear result - in terms of sales volume - immediately. We are in the business of creating values for our target audience; values that would be measured in a few years time.

Will this promotion be successful? I seriously don't know but I hope it does. I am doing something that has never been tried before by anyone. Either way, I know this is the right way to address my core target audience.

Bottom line, everyone has bought the idea with great enthusiasm. And hence, the continuous patronizing by the people privy to the detailed idea and mechanics! LOL
Only time will tell...


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