After so many years and so many nominations, Martin Scorsese, one of my favorite directors of all time has won an Oscar for Best Director!

It's long overdue, really. He has won numerous Best Picture Oscars and yet, the Academy always seemed to snub him for this coveted individual accolade. But this year, he has finally gotten what he's deserved all this while.

But what saddens me is that, the movie for which he won, was not his best :( Granted that the 'The Departed' is a good movie but c'mon now, it is a total adaptation - with a few minor changes - of the HK blockbuster, Infernal Affairs. But what the hell, no? At least and at last, he got one...

The Departed also won Best Picture but the other award that made me happy was when Forrest Whitaker on Best Actor for his portrayal of Gen. Idi Amin. He definitely deserved it but knowing how the Academy works, it's very hard for them to give such an auspicious award to an African American.

Yes, Halle Berry and Denzel - who is my favorite actor - won both acting awards a few years back but if you ask me, Denzel should have won for 'The Hurricane' the year before.

Anyways, I'm just glad that Martin Scorsese has finally won one.


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