Answered Prayers

God does love me! -_-

After my plea to Him to let me play ball, the skies changed, turned blue again and stopped shedding tears.

Thank you God!

Finally, after weeks of not being able to ball, I was able to play. As soon as it stopped raining, I called up some of the guys and upon receiving a confirmation from them that it is indeed dry that part of KL, I went as fast as I could.

And man, I tell you, nothing relieves stress like playing basketball!

Again, thank you God!

On my way back, I received an unexpected call from my ex-girlfriend. She told me things that I honestly did not want to hear but was actually glad to hear. She told me she was in town and asked if we could have lunch tomorrow.


It would nice to see her again though, I must admit. But somehow or rather, it is also somewhat wrong, lest she gets the wrong idea. I mean, I know it’s merely an innocent lunch and I’m positive nothing would come out of it. It is just a couple who used to date catching up on their respective lives, nothing more.

To help me decide whether agreeing to lunch with her would be a good idea or not, I hollered at my friend Fara. And before I could even finish my story, she replied with a BIG NO!!! She then proceeded to tell me that it wouldn't be ethical, considering what we went through.

I tried to explain my side and my reasonings but dude, if you have met this girl, you would know that trying to channel across your points of view that differs from her beliefs is like trying to get George Bush Jr. to give up on Iraq!

But after listening to her rationale, I agree that meeting my ex for lunch is just not right. And because I know how unlucky in-love shorty is, listening to her about these kind of things is just the most sensible thing to do.

Thanks shorty -_-

And thank you God for blessing me with such friends.


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