And we're 9 points clear...

Another game, another win, another 3 points.

That's the Red Devils for you nowadays.

After the drama that ensued during the Champions League game against Lille the other day, United knew they had to win to continue to exert pressure on Chelsea and yet again, they didn't disappoint.

We're almost there; we can sniff the EPL crown and all we have to do now is just continue to play like the way we have been playing this year.

For the umpteenth time this year, Christiano Ronaldo was the catalyst in the win, His goal proved decisive and I swear, this boy should win Player of the Year.

We may not have played our best but we still got full points; that’s how you win the premiership. Who cares if we got the winning goal in the dying moments of the game? Bottom-line, we won and I don't give a fuck what you Chelsea supporters have to say anyways.

Only a dramatic collapse will ruin it for us, believe you me.

And that won’t happen.


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