Am I losing it? :(

Maybe I am...

Or maybe I have finally grown up!

Or is it because I just totally forgot?

But I have never forgotten before, EVER!

Maybe, I'm just losing it...

I am a BIG basketball fan; the kind of fan that flies to the States to watch the games kind of BIG. I am truly passionate of the game. I play it, watch it and follow it on a daily basis. And for the first time ever, I missed the NBA All-Star Game! I have never missed the All-Star game, never! Even when I can't watch them live, I will still make an effort to catch it on TV. And here I am blogging away my frustration of missing this year's edition!


What's wrong with me?

It's not just basketball that I seem to lose interest nowadays; fuck I even forgot that the Air Jordan XX2 was released 2 days ago! Now what the hell was that all about? Me forgetting the release date of Air Jordan's tantamount to me forgetting my own birthday and yet, again, I forgot about it. It was only when I received a call from a sneakerhead friend from the Philippines telling me that my pairs have been secured that I realized they were released 2 days ago.

The Air Jordan XX2

What gives?

Am I losing my memory or have I reached a point in my life where there are other more important things than Basketball and Air Jordan's? If you ask me, it's actually neither.

But I can't explain where my mind is lately either :( Is it work? I don't think so... Even if my frustrations are compounded daily by the inability of some of my staff, work is aight. I am having fun at times and I love being there, despite everything.

So what is wrong with me then?

I mean, for God’s sake, just read the title of my blog! I am supposed to be a sneakerhead and a slave to Air Jordan’s and yet, I forgot about the release date of the XX2’s! How can I even call myself a sneakerhead anymore?

Shame on me, dude, shame on me…

I may have sort of slowed down on getting the releases but I still know when it was coming out. Previously, I mentioned that I haven’t been aggressively going after them J’s but I still eventually cop them. But to forget the XX2 release is really unforgivable. How could I?

Fuck man, I guess I’m just losing it :(

Or maybe, difficult it may seem to concede, I may just have lost it...


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