When is private really private?

One of the articles in today's Star was about Ronaldo's - the fatty, not the Man United winger - ex-girlfriend, Daniella Cicarelli.

In the said article, YouTube blocked the video of the model cavorting and being intimate with her new boyfriend.

Three things struck me: first, why is the Star carrying news that is so outdated? Granted that the decision by YouTube to block the video may have been recent, but if not because she was Ronaldo's ex-girlfriend, is this newsworthy at all?

Secondly, why would YouTube block it after more than 3 months of being shown? It's kinda stupid really considering that millions of people have actually seen them. Oh wait, the couple sued YouTube's ass and won an injunction to remove the video.

Lastly, what's up with them? Dude, if you don't want the world to see it, then do it somewhere lah and not on a public place like the beach. Even Paris knew that; even our own local 'amateur porn stars' - the MAS Steward and the '20-sec young couple' knew that; heck, anyone with brains would know that private matters must be done privately in the comfort of your own private quarters.

They may have won their suit against YouTube but are they going to run after every file-sharing website in the world? Or did they only gor for YouTube because it is owned by Google and hence, a company with lots of money?

Honestly, how stupid can Daniella and her new boyfriend be? Even those done privately find their way out, what more when it is done out in the open? tsk, tsk, tsk...


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