Streething AF1 25th Anniversary P-A-R-T-Y!!!

Yet again, I attended the 25th Anniversary of the Air Force 1!

This time around, however, it was exclusively for the peeps of Streething, Malaysia's on-line sneaker forum. And yet again, my main man Point Blanc provided the entertainment and even had a collabo with Words Manifest of The Rebels Scum on the number he specifically wrote and produced for this Event . The Rebels Scum also performed after Point.

Unlike the one I attended last Thursday, this one was more personal because it was just amongst members of the forum. Mad props to Kzzitt and the rest of the senior members of the forum for catering to those who were not invited to the Nike official event.

If y'all remember, I wrote of ST gatherings once and also blogged about those motherfuckin' haters who always doubted me and haven't totally accepted me into their domain but I stopped giving a fuck about them. I went to this event because I have always wanted to meet the rest of the ST members, specially the younger ones whom I have always gotten along well.

And while at it, I may as well prove to the haters once and for all that I actually have the complete Air Jordan Thunder & Lightning Pack! And to further bitch-slap them faggots, I wore one of each pair together! LOL

Anyways, I met a lot of the younger members and spent a good time talking to them. I also met the Singapore ST members and chatted with them about Jordan's! It's nice to know that despite Malaysia being a Dunk SB country and this being an Air Force 1 event, I wasn't the only one who love AirJordan's :)

Overall, it was really a good night and it really felt good when people look beyond the color of your skin and start accepting you because you share the same passion as them. And it was really flattering and humbling to hear people tell you that they follow your posts as well as your blog *very proud :)*

I have another invite to go to the same event, this time sponsored by Hitz FM but I think I'ma pass. The AF1 anniversary is actually a 4 days continuous event and I was invited to all of them but I only went for the 1st one, i.e. Official Nike Event and the one last night, exclusively for Streething members, because as far as I was concerned, only these two really mattered.

After this, I just hope Nike would do something similar for the Jordan XXIII as it is the last time the world would ever see MJ's signature shoe...


Since I still can't find my Small Baby's camera, I will update this blog by stealing pics from the forum! LOL


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