Somebody, anyone?

I feel slightly better today :)

I even managed to go to 1 Utama and met with a friend and a real estate agent; I am trying to sell some of my properties that I really don't need, plus I could really use the proceeds from the sale to pay some of my debts :(

Anyways, the thing is, I don't why but 'Somebody', the classic Depeche Mode song of the 80's, kept on coming to my mind. As we were chatting in Starbucks, the tune just came to me and I couldn't shake it off ever since. As I drove to my in-laws' place to collect my home-cooked porridge - isn't my mom-in-law a sweetheart? - I kept on hymning to the 'Somebody' tune.

On the way back home, I was no longer contented with just hymning; I was actually singing the song already.

"I want somebody to share, share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts and all intimate details
Someone who'll stand by my side and give me support
and in return, she'll get my support..."

Damn! I can't believe that after 2 decades, I still remember the lyrics to the song!

The song itself is really a classic. Those of you who were not even born when the song came out, it is the credo and the dream of every man - to have someone who truly understands the male species. Man, fuck it! Just listen to the song and you form your own opinion. As for me, I still think it is one of the best ballad - albeit hugely unpopular and unknown to the current batch of music listeners - of all time.

And if you're the live-band type, here's a live performance of the song by the Depeche Mode.

I guess the reason why this song suddenly came into my brains and has haunted me ever since is, maybe, because it's been a few days since I have heard the voice of my somebody :(

This is what happens when you miss someone so much...


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