When the Sneakerheads meet the Hip-Hoppers

I attended the Air Force 1 25th Anniversary Party in Avenue K last night and it was, overall, a good event. Well, the event itself was kinda lame if you ask me. They could have done more with the presentation of the history of the iconic shoes. I felt that they didn’t do the Air Force 1’s justice at all!

The highlight of the anniversary party, as far as the shoes are concerned, was nothing but showing clips of people talking about their own Air Force 1 stories; they could have at least placed big projectors strategically around the venue rather than ask the peeps there to look at the plasma screens to watch the presentation.

And if it was my event, I would have added some local elements into the whole thing such as showing clips of local AF1 aficionados relating their own Air Force 1 stories.

Anyways, while the event was so-so, it still was a good event because of the crowd that was gathered there. The people that attended the event made up for the lackluster presentation.

Anyways, I went there mainly because I wanted to watch my main Point Blanc in action. He performed 3 songs last night and he did good. I can't say the same for the dude who backed him though; the guy seemed lost on stage and was trying so hard to act like a rapper LOL

Joe from TooPhat also performed and he has always been known for his showmanship and didn't disappoint. But after all these years, his performance is still very much the same. And what I found really amusing is the way he made his entrance... For awhile there, you thought someone of Jay Z's status and caliber was in the house, complete with posse and all LOL

I found the event to be really entertaining. It was a congregation of people who are into the two things that I most passionate about - Sneakers and Hip-Hop.

I saw a lot of the peeps who make up the hip-hop industry in Malaysia. Besides Joe and Point Blanc who performed, I also bumped into Ahmad from TTC, T-Bone, Bala from KLG Sqwad, the DJ from Ahli Fiqir, Yogi B, Bboys from Giler Battle and a lot of other peeps who are into hip-hop.

But there was a group of hip-hop wannabe's amongst the crowd and became the laughing stock of those who were there. Dude, I know they like hip-hop and I am truly impressed with their get up but tengok tempat lah! There were a few who were dressed up to the nines hip-hop style but wearing a fucking jacket in Malaysia?

What the fuck? How could anyone seriously wear those thick jackets in a hot place like Malaysia? More so in a close-door event where you know you'll be sweating your ass off! Sigh... Some things just don't change!

One of the things I can't stand with the so-called 'hip-hoppers' in this country is the pretentiousness that comes with most of them. You have people trying so hard to talk like the black dudes in the States! I'm ok with the use of hip-hop lingo but overdoing it with gestures and all that just kills it for me.

Dude, if you’re a Chinese or Malay or Indian, then be fucking one lah! You don’t have to imitate the people you see on TV and start talking, walking, acting and dressing up like them!

It only makes you look like a fool when you do!

Then there were the sneakerheads of course :) No event sneaker-related would be complete without the peeps from Streething! It was truly a privilege to have finally met those I’ve never met before.

I had a good chat with my homeboy ‘memeks’ and finally met the one person in ST that I really respect and admire, BadBoyBen. This dude has some classic shit that people can only dream about.

The undisputed King of Nike outlets in Malaysia was also there and I can’t help but feel the heat between him and the editor of a famous magazine hehehe I hope I remember to ask him about this when I meet him again. (You said you read my blog, so please remind me to ask you about this hehehe)

It was really a good night for me. It’s been such a long time that I have been out socially and what better way to get back into it than mixing with people who share the same passion…

And special thanks to Point Blanc for the invite :)


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