So Far, So Good... And Maybe Slightly Bad :(

Going through my mails yesterday, I found a card from the post office - y'know the pink thing - and in it, I am being asked to go to the Kelana Jaya Post Office to collect a parcel. You see, even though the Post Office is a government agency, I like going there - either to send a package (normally shoes) or to collect a package (again, it has to be shoes).

And unlike the other agencies, I am known to most of the staff in the PosLaju office in Brickfields because I always go there to send something. Even if this was the first time I was going to go to the Kelana Jaya branch, I was still excited because I knew it was a pair of shoes!

But which one? Hmmm... I haven't bought any pairs from the net lately and it was indeed strange that I was getting a package. And then I remembered! It had to be the LBJ IV China's that my friend hooked me up with! Yehey!

Last November, I wrote about the LBJ IV China Edition and explained the importance and necessity of such a marketing campaign. Currently, sneakerheads all over the world agree that the Lebron signature shoes are worth collecting, not just for its future value but also because the kid is one of the greatest talent to ever play the game. Despite all the hoopla surrounding the Lebron's, I still believe that it would never have the same impact as the Air Jordan's.

Anyways, when I got to the Post Office and collected my package, I was right; it was indeed the Lebron IV China's! I couldn't wait to go back home so that I could take it out and see for myself the beauty of this pair. Oh yeah, I also wanted to showcase them here. hehehe

So far, so good... Until I got home.

In my excitement to take pictures of the shoes, I realized that I can’t find the camera and it is not even mine. It belongs to my Small Baby and I can’t seem to locate it :( I frantically searched for it all over the house but my search was futile. I tried room per room, places by places and I still couldn't find it.

Damn! I lost my Small Baby's camera! Oh shit!

When my Small Baby text-ed me this morning, I told her that I must have misplaced the camera, or maybe I have lost it. But how do you lose a camera? The only explanation I can think of that would make some sense is that maybe, maybe when I cleaned the house before Christmas, I must have inadvertently piled it up with the thrash and threw it away accidentally!

Just when I thought of cleaning our place myself – instead of relying on cleaners – this is what happens. Damn! I’m still going to continue to look for the camera; hopefully my Small Baby is right, she tried to comfort me by saying “don’t worry, it will pop up again”. I hope and pray she is right…

Or maybe, the camera wants to be replaced with a new one. The one that is missing was my New Year’s gift to my Small Baby in 2006 and considering that we had such a miserable year, maybe it is trying to tell me something…


Update: January 5

I still haven't found my Small Baby's camera :(


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