Proud to be a Sabahan

I am a Sabahan.

And I'm proud to be one!

More often than not, the beautiful and charming State of Sabah and her people are always a mystery of some sorts to the people of Peninsular Malaysia. Those who have never been to Sabah do not really know what to make of the place; they hear different and contradicting stories about the place and its people.

Those who have enjoyed the splendors of Sabah will attest that it is a place like no other in this country. It is a mixture of heavenly natural surroundings as well as the epitome of a developing place. While it may not be as 'high-rise' as Kuala Lumpur and other places, we are not far from them.

And contrary to what most people think, Sabah is not an 'ulu'. We have one of the 4 international airports in Malaysia and as of yesterday, the 2nd place in the country to have its own LCCT airport. We have some of the most breath taking places to visit and ours Islands are by far the best in the whole of Malaysia. We have South East Asia's highest peak and the world's biggest flower!

Our people are diverse who speak different lingo and come from different tribes; who practice different religions and various cultures. And yet, despite all this, we are all proud of being a Sabahan. We take pride in the fact that we have always been what the federal government has been trying and keep on failing to do for a long time; the conept of one identity. While the Bangsa Malaysia is a failed project, we Sabahans have always shared one identity, irrespective of tribes and creed.

And according to FHM Malaysia, 2 of the top 3 sexiest Malaysians are Sabahans! Personally, I think Amber Chia was pushed into the #2 spot because her face is all over the place and I really think Daphne Iking is more deserving. But nevertheless, we still have 2 of the top 3! And need I mention that they are pure breed, unlike the rest who are of mixed white parentage?

The land below the wind has so much to offer; from places to food to people, Sabah is just so rich with diversity. So, the next time you're asked what you think of Sabah, think carefully before you give your views. Or better still, the next time you want to go for a holiday that would blow your senses, go to my beautiful state!


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