Old Habits Die Hard

I'm back to my erratic sleeping habits :(

For the last half a year or so, I have been able to successfully adapt to sleeping and waking up at the right time but unfortunately, the last few days have seen me go back to my disturbing sleeping patterns.

Unlike most normal human beings, I have problems waking up in the morning. I seriously have this illness of not being able to get up early. Even if I go to bed early, say, 10 pm the night before, I still would have problems dragging myself out of bed.

Not only do I have problems waking up, I also have a huge sleeping problem. Like an insomniac, I can't sleep during regular hours. Like the nocturnal creatures, I can only go to bed around 3-4 in the morning. I have difficulties going to be and when I finally do, I have an even tougher time waking up!

My sleeping problems have made it difficult for me to work the normal hours. Lucky for me, I have always managed to work for organizations that prioritize great work over tardiness, otherwise, I wouldn't have lasted a month.

But in the last 6 months or so, I have been 'normal' - i.e. sleep around 11 or so and awake by 7-8 am - or so I thought! Unfortunately, in the last few days, I'm back to not being able to wake up early :( and this will be a major problem for me once I start work.

I have seen numerous specialists regarding this illness of mine. I have even been subjected to different tests like being locked up by yourself for one whole night with cameras all over the room and medical gadgets attached to your body but all results said that I am perfectly fine. They all concluded that it is more of a psychological thing than anything else.


Maybe the doctors are right after all. My mom has always believed that I haven't completely emancipated myself from NY time; according to her, I still live within the NY time zone and that is why I have all these problems.

Maybe mothers do know it all, no?

I have always disagreed with my mom's diagnosis, convincing myself that there is indeed a problem and not just a psychological one. But maybe she’s right… Because every time I’m back in NY, I go to bed on time and wake up on time. No matter how tired I am or no matter what time I go to bed, I’ll be up around 7 am feeling fresh! Seriously, this is what happens whenever I am in NY.

Is it possible to live your life in a different time zone even though you haven’t been living there for years? I always ask myself this question. Hey, according to the doctors, it’s a psycho problem, right? hehehe

I even asked my mom the same question and her reply was classic: “How many people do you know who still speak with an American accent even if they haven’t been living in the States for the last 10 years?”

Hmmm… I guess my mom is right *smile*

Heck, I even know people who spent 4 years in the States or England and still speak with American and British accents until now, 10 years down the road! LOL

Mothers do know it all, don’t they?

Well, you can take the kid out of NY but you can’t take NY out of the kid! In the meantime, I have to go back to what I have successfully been doing the last 6 months.

If only my Small Baby were here, I would be sleeping like a baby myself *wistful*


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