My Big Fat Lying Mentor! LOL

Let me tell you guys about my mentor.

He is obese, butt-ugly, freaking intelligent, and a very warm and kind soul.

And he lies too much! Seriously, this dude is one big fat (literally) liar!

Oh, he doesn't lie to take advantage or cheat or anything like that, he just likes to lie! But the problem is that he's such a bad liar! LOL

The whole world knows that he is gay and yet, he still hides his homosexuality behind the most absurd of lies. I have had the privilege of knowing him for quite a number of years now and have even worked together numerously. Even if we do not work for the same organization, we still somehow find ways to work with each other on different projects.

All through these years, I have always understood his refusal to come out of the closet, so to speak. I mean, his dad is a respected retired government official and his brother rubs elbows with the MITI Minister. For reasons of taking care of his family's good-standing name, I do understand his position. But the point is, and I always tell him this, if you lie, make sure your lies are consistent!

It truly amazes me how he could always maintain a straight face even if he has been caught lying! Seriously! One of his early lies to everyone he just meets is that he had a son and is married to someone who works for Ritz Carlton in Singapore.

Over time, this lie would read: he had a son and is married to a Financial Analyst from HK who works in Singapore. Then it became: his son’s name is Adam and the mother is a Hongkie of Indian descent who is a Canadian citizen! At times, he totally forgets that he is married and has a son! LOL


The funny thing is that, the people whom he told his lies to are often subjected to the different versions. And I think it’s out of respect for him that they just don’t bother to point the discrepancies in his stories and just pretend to absorb whatever he's saying. After all, despite all these lies, he is really a gem of a person.

Recently, I caught up with a good friend of mine, a fellow Sabahan and a fellow Suluk. In the course of our conversation, he asked me: “bro, does boss (referring to my mentor) ever realize that people know he’s lying about his homosexuality?”

I really didn’t know how to answer the question. I mean, my friend (and so does everybody we know) knows that my mentor is gay and that he’s been living-in with his partner for years. Oh, by the by, his partner is also a Sabahan.

Anyways, initially, he introduced his partner as his cousin and while it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s a sham, people gave him the benefit of the doubt out of respect for him. His partner is Chinese while he is Malay and when people questioned the connectivity of their relationship as cousins, my mentor would again come up with ludicrous lies explanations.

Seriously! LOL

I just wish he would stop lying because, sooner or later, people would stop respecting him. Whenever he’s not around, he always becomes the subject of conversation because of all his lies. And being the closest to him, I am always subjected to queries vis a vis his compulsive lying habits.

Even at this age and time, it amazes me that there are still those who can’t openly declare their sexuality for fear of being disowned by their respective families. Have we, as a society, reached a stage of maturity where coming out and declaring their sexual preferences would be acceptable to parents?


I hope he realizes that it’s about time for him to be what he truly is. And I hope with the New Year, he would finally come out…


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