More Forced Resignations Troubles in Leo Burnett

According to a text message I received from Adoi, Charless Caddel, Asia Pacific President of Arc Worldwide - the 'Integrated Services' arm of Leo Burnett - will be leaving the network soon.


After the recent forced exit departure of long time Leo Burnett Regional Executive Creative Director Linda Locke, I can't help but wonder what is seriously going on within the Leo Burnett family. A few months back, I wrote about the negative impacts the creation of Arc Worldwide had on Leo Burnett and the latter had been going down the drain ever since.

From what I know, Charles Caddel had always been a Burnetter and this departure 'from the network' suggests that he won't be part of the Leo Burnett family at all. So, what gives? Here's a man who knew no other employers besides Leo Burnett, who has had a meteoric rise within Leo Burnett Asia Pacific and after a year or so of leading Arc Worldwide regionally, he goes just like that?

I had the privilege misfortune to have known and worked with Charles. During my LB days, he was our Managing Director at that time and I always asked my mentor what did Charles actually do for Leo Burnett in Malaysia. I mean, creative works were under the supervision of the legendary duo of Ali Mohammad-Yasmin Ahmad while the overall running of the organization were managed by the department heads themselves. Granted the heads reported to him but what did he actually do? He wasn't involved in any strategic decisions at all and even in pitches, he was merely there to kick-start the presentation.

My mentor always told me that Charles was the blue-eyed boy of the regional management and what he lacked in intelligence and capabilities, he made up for them by 'sucking-up' to the peeps regionally... I guess his sucking up has dried up the patience of the management for his inadequate qualities to lead! hahahaha

I have neither praises nor good memories of Charles Caddel. I have always firmly believed that he was not qualified to undertake the responsibilities of the positions he has had within the LB network. I like to think that the Publicis Group had finally given up on his inefficiencies.

I don't know how the rest of the Malaysian advertising fraternity would act to his departure but as far as I am concerned, I feel it's about time the network gives credit where it is due. Take for example the success of Arc Worldwide in Malaysia. If not for the genius of Tan Kien Eng, President and CEO of the Arc Worldwide Malaysia, I really doubt if it would have taken off like the way it did.

I think the exit of Charles is good for the entire organization. With him leaving, there will be no more protection for those who do not deserve to be there. I am eagerly anticipating where all this would lead.


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