Maxis Initiates Creative Review

Accordng to Media Magazine, Maxis is reviewing its advertising account, said to be worth around RM200 Million. What this means is that either they are not happy with their current agencies or they want to re-look at their current communication vehicles and strategically decide where their money should go.

I am not really sure what are the agencies that count Maxis amongst their clients but I am positive that BBDO Malaysia handles the Hotlink Brand and Leo Burnett does the B2B account. I have no clue which agency takes care of their post-paid business but of these 3, Hotlink has by far the biggest chunk of the advertising budget.

I am personally intrigued by the recent turn of events for obvious professional reasons. But damn! RM 200 million is one big advertising budget! Now it makes perfect sense how they could easily do the things they do.

Let us wait and see if Leo Burnett will try to have a bigger slice of the cake :)


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