Interesting Car Ride...

This is my first meaningful break in the convention :(

After 2 days of continuously meeting people and listening to people talk about how we fared the previous year, I am pretty exhausted - mentally as well as physically.

I didn't expect the Chocolate and Confectionary team to be this huge! Man, there are like thousands of Nestle workers who are solely on our business unit- from HQ peeps to sales people all over the country to factory peeps at Chembong to our trade partners to the peeps from various Asean offices who are directly under us etc...

I really thought it was more of a strategic convention whereby only heads of departments and/or key people attend; I didn't know it was for everyone involved in the choc and confec business.

My boss, the head of Chocolate and Confectionary in Asia, wanted me to go with him to Cameron Highlands but I wanted to blend in with the staff and requested to be part of the convoy. I was put in a car with 3 other staff - 2 sales reps from our KL and JB branches and an admin lady from the Penang branch.

As we left Nestle House, I introduced myself and told me car-mates that I was from Sabah; they thought I was a sales rep as well and I didn't correct them because I didn't want to put unnecessary pressure on them :) I just wanted them to think that I was one of them...

When we stopped at the Tapah R&R, and as I was happily chatting with them, 2 girls came to me and introduced themselves: "hey... you're Ivan right? I am so and so and this is so and so".

I smiled at them and introduced the peeps whom I shared the car with. But what really caught my attention was the way my 3 car-mates behaved when these 2 girls approached us; I mean, dude, they were so polite, like school kids in front of their principal!

I was really dumbfounded... Hmmm, I wonder why...

As we continued our journey, I asked them why they looked so scared when those 2 girls were present and their answers made me clinched in disgust!

They all said "dioarang tu dari Brand Marketing"

I replied, "So? What is so special about them?"

The one driving told me, "Ivan, you're new kan? One of these days when they visit you in Sabah you will know why we are like that when they're around".

His statement really piqued my interest and I probed further, "what do you mean?"

The Indian guy from JB offered, "The Brand people are like the Gods in the company. Whatever they want, they get and even our Regional Sales Managers have to kow tow to them".

All I said was "oh ok. Like that ah they all?"

I continued to listen to their stories on how the Brand people behaved and I knew that the first thing I needed to do was bring down my people from their self-placed high pedestals.

Anyways, as we were reaching the lobby of the hotel, the driver was so surprised because the entire Brand Marketing team from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam were all lined up by the lobby, as if they are waiting for someone important! LOL

The lady behind me was telling the driver - the sales rep from KL - to drive very slow, saying that the reason why all the Brand team were there was because their new boss, the new GBM, will be arriving and that she also wanted to have a glimpse of the new guy. LOL Man, I was laughing my ass off!

As we were very slowly driving pass the lobby, the driver nearly peed in his pants with fright when the big boss, Nestlé’s Head of C&C in Asia, suddenly smiled and directed him to go through the lobby. He was frantically asking us, "What the hell is going on? Why is the boss asking me to drive to the lobby?

After a few seconds, it finally registered with them what was happening and he looked at me in shock and I just smiled and nodded. And as I got down from the car, I thanked all of them and told them I will seat with them for dinner. LOL

The rest of the day was not as interesting as the ride :( I was introduced to my team and they then introduced me to the others as and when we bumped into them. God knows how many hands I shook last Thursday and yesterday *sigh* And of course, I knew most of them were being nice to me because of the position I have, unlike my 3 car-mates :)

And when the big boss called me to the stage and formally introduced me to everyone during the gala dinner, my ‘new friends’ were beaming with pride because not only was I was sitting with them as I promised, they all could say that they met the new GBM before everyone else :)


Point Blanc said...

Haha, dude, great story!I'm lovin' your blog..thats so typical of Malaysians, the whole kau tow, and big bosses shit, I'm so glad you're thrown into all this to fuck shit 3 car mates seem like such interesting characters now with your story...

Bigcityb said... write like you talk. "Be the change you want to see in the world", so said Gandhi. You are doing the right thing.

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