I'm in pain!

What a way to start the New Year!

For the last 3 days, I have been suffering from a terrible diarrhea. I admit I have a very sensitive stomach but this is something that I haven't had before. Whereas before, a pop of 'charcoal' medicine and/or 'Pil Chi-Kit Teck Aun' would do the trick, this time however, none of the medicines I took made a difference!

And to add insult, I haven't had a good night sleep during these times as the need to go to the toilet comes every half an hour! Damn! Not only that, I have to painstakingly stay at the toilet for almost an hour in each of these visits.

Today, I was practically incapacitated. I couldn’t do anything, fearing that the sudden urge to rush to the toilet come calling. I wasn’t able to go for my Friday prayers :(, something that I am so upset until now because this is the first Friday of the year and I had to miss it.

And as I write this entry, I am still in pain. I hope tomorrow is a better day...

On a separate note, my Small Baby just left Jeddah where she spent the night. She's off to Nagpur where she will spend the next few days until she needs to fly again to either Jeddah or Medina.


Small Baby, if you're reading this, just wanna tell you that I miss you so very much! :(


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