I Like Girls, Girls, Girls...

I bumped into an old party buddy this afternoon while I was out buying a few working clothes and was taken aback with his introduction of me. He introduced me to the people he was with as 'the dude who is so fucking picky when it comes to women".

What the fuck is he saying?

I don't think I am that picky; or am I?

I like to think that I'm not but at the same time, like any guys out there, there are 'things' in women that I find mesmerizing and a big turn on, not sexually mind you. Similarly, I also have my big no-no's; things that even if you have the all the qualities mentioned below, I still won't date you because you have one of my no-no's.

I am not the most good-looking guy in the world; heck, I am not even good looking at all! So, what is wrong with wanting to be with someone who is far more attractive than I am? Moreover, it is common nowadays to find a very beautiful girl in the arms of a so-so looking dude like myself.

Anyways, to better understand and hence, dispute the guy's claim that I am so picky, here are my preferences in a girl; admittedly, some of them are carved in stone and like the first 5 below, a girl must have at least one of these fetishes of mine, if you will, for me to go out with her.

5 must-haves that I find so attractive in a woman (in no particular order)

1. Left handed

I just adore girls who are left handed, I don't know why. I've always found lefties to be creative and intelligent, not all, but those I have had the privileged of meeting. And as far as I can remember, I have always had a thing for them leftites.

2. Dimplets

Dimples are nice but I have a thing for the small ones by the sides or slightly under the lips (Please refer to the pic ====>>> do you see those two dimplets?

3. Non-Perfect teeth

I know it's everyone wish to have the perfect set of teeth; so do I. And I like girls to have white sparkling teeth as well but this fetish of mine is on how the teeth are constructed as opposed to the cleanliness and health of the teeth.

I like girls with misaligned teeth, separated teeth (like Madonna), Dracula teeth, Bunny teeth, etc. you get the point. I don't want a perfectly symmetrical teeth, I want them to have some imperfections in them but they have to white and without any stains or cavities (*points up* See those teeth above? They are sparkling white and clean but that is the classic example of a girl with a Bunny Teeth)

4. Mole at the back of their necks

Again, I don't why but I find it sexy when a girl has a mole at the back of her neck. I guess me like playing with the neck, if you know what I mean hehehe

5. Fine strand of 'buluh' at the end of their arm

You're probably like "huh? What the fuck is he talking about?"

It's very hard to explain but if you're a girl, just do this: put your arm straight, pull it towards your chest, and use your free hand to feel the outer part of your arm; if you have the thin strand of 'buluh' there, then you know what I'm talking about :)

I don't want the whole arm to be hairy nor do I want an arm that is filled with thick hair even if it's in the right place; the buluh has to be thin and smooth and just right...

Let's be clear though. These are what I find attractive in a woman and I have my reasons why, most of them are beyond describable by words. But even if one has all of them, that doesn't guarantee that I will date them.

Confusing I know...

I just like to see the above in a woman and even if I may not strike a conversation with them, I just like to see these 'things' in a woman...

But at the same time, call me shallow and whatever but I would never date anyone who didn't have at least one of these five 'weird' characteristics. Of course my Small Baby has more than one of them :)

Let's now move on to the 6 things that I also like and feel that are nice for any women to have:

1. Someone who wears Glasses / Someone with Slanted Eyes (for Non-Chinese) and Non-Slanted Eyes (for Chinese)

If there was a no. 6 in my must-have list, these are the two characteristics that would be up there. I placed the two together because they're of equal importance.

I adore girls with glasses, I find them very attractive. However, the glasses must not the blinding type; y'know the ones that are so thick that anyone who has perfect eyesight will go dizzy when they try it on.

I also like Non-Chinese girls with slanted eyes. I don't know why but I can see the naughtiness in them. Similarly, I like Chinese (or Korean or Japanese or those who were meant to have slanted eyes) whose eyes are not slanted, preferably with big round eyes.

2. Someone who exudes Class

If you have it, you have it! If you don't, then no matter how much your clothes cost, no matter how much your shoes cost, you still won't have it. You can be dressed in couture brands and heeled in Manolo's, you still wouldn't have class if you were not born with it. You just can't buy it...

3. Someone with a Nice Butt

What can I say, I'm a butt man! But it has to be, of course, proportionate to your body structure and just the right size; J'Lo's ass is too big for my own taste.

4. Someone who can Dance

She doesn't have to be a professional dancer but you know what I mean... If you can move in tuned with the beat of the music, then all is good. Why? Have you ever been ridden by someone who knows how to strut on the dance floor? 'Nuff Said!

5. Someone who is Comfortable in the skimpiest of bikinis

I'm a Sabahan and naturally, I love the beach... If she can't put on a nice bikini, then sorry; I don't want to enjoy the beach all by myself when I go on a holiday with someone

6. Someone who has the 'Dimples of Venus"

If you don't know what they are, they are those two dimples just right above your ass; the deeper the dimples are, the better it is for me.

The above are things that are nice for any girls to have, at least to me. But they are not as important as the first 5; it’s more of a ‘nice to have but ok if you don’t’ kind of stuff, if you know what I mean?

Finally, the things I can't stand in women.

No mater how beautiful and intelligent you are; no matter how kind and sweet you are; and even if you are Bill Gates' daughter and sole heir to the Microsoft fortune, I will never EVER be caught dead with anyone who:

1. Someone with DARK AND DIRTY ARMPITS! (Eeeww!!! Please don't make me puke!)

The second may not be as gross and strict as the first but nevertheless, I still wouldn't be with anyone who:

2. Can't speak proper English (No offense but how else are we going to communicate?)

So, there you have it; my likes and dislikes...

As I have said, these are just the basics of what I like in a girl and again, even if one has all the qualities, I still have to find other more important qualities for me to seriously consider dating her.

But of course, everything is moot and hypothetical because I already belong to someone who has gone beyond the 'weird' basic qualities in a girl that I like.

She is perfect in many ways and to her I belong...

So, what do you think? Am I picky?


Anonymous said...

Yes you are!!! And I am so glad we are just friends. I would not want to be scrutinized that much, hahaha!

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