I am going shopping!

There was a time when I was a bona fide shopoholic.

Really, I was...

You can ask anyone who knows me enough and they will tell you I love to shop; at times, even more than the women they know. Ask my Small Baby and she'll tell you the same. Wherever we go, whatever city in the world we are in, I spend more time shopping than doing anything else. That's just me, a man who loves to shop and shop and shop :)

The difference between how I shop and how the others do it is really vast. I don't call buying a pair of pants and a t-shirt shopping; they're what they are and that is buying a pair of jeans and a t-shirt! Shopping to me is buying lots and lots of things in one go; when you have bought at least 10 real things, none of the minuscule stuff like, say, choker, socks etc or in women's case, lipstick, make up and the likes.

Shopping is when you have at least 5 huge bags and at least 2 pair of shoes; that is my definition of shopping! I know in this country, when you ask people how their day went, they'd go like, "oh, I went shopping" when in fact, all they did was buy a pair of jeans or something... I mean what the fuck dude?

I know it's probably nothing but terminologies but just consider this, if you go to a sundry shop and buy toothpaste, shampoo and body wash; do you say you went shopping?. When I buy any or all of the above, I would say I bought such and such as opposed to saying I went shopping... That's how I look and use the term shopping, get it?

Oh well...

Anyways, at last, the convention is done! I am going back to KL tomorrow and I will go shopping. But unfortunately this time around, I am going to shop not because I want to but I have to :( Whereas my previous shopping expeditions were on clothing and shoes that I love, my shopping exercise tomorrow will be for clothes I need wear to go to work; whereas before, I shop for my Air Jordan's, Ralph Lauren's and Evisu's, tomorrow I will be shopping for slacks, long sleeves, leather shoes, ties and what not.

Unlike most people in the corporate world, it's been ages since I wore the normal 'office attire' on a daily basis. For the last 10years or so, my working gear and my weekend gear are the same and this is the reason why I have no freaking office clothes in my closet! Well, I actually have one or two but now that I am in the 'corporate world' (yucks! even saying/typing it makes me want to puke!), I have no choice but to adhere to Nestlé’s attire requirements!

Oh well... Something's gotta give, right?

For a long time now, I have been meaning to go and get myself some new working clothes. On my first official working day, i.e. really going to work as opposed to journeying to the highlands for some convention, on the 22nd, the only definite thing I know I'd be wearing is the Gucci tie that my Small Baby got me. *smile and then misses Small Baby so much, becomes sad and wistful*

I now have to find a few pair of slacks that are made of great flowing materials and baggy - I may have entered the corporate world but I'm still a hip-hopper - as well as a few long sleeve shirts that are appropriate.

I have lots of Ralph Lauren long-sleeves but they're either too big or too casual to be deemed formal and appropriate to be worn to work. Likewise, I only have a handful of non-denim pants and there is no way they are meant for office attire :( So, I have no other choice but to shop for office clothes tomorrow.

I wish my Small Baby is already around so that I have someone who can help me pick the right color combinations and find clothes that well suit me and my skin color *misses Small Baby again so very much*


Instead of going shopping tomorrow, why don’t I just go buy a few pairs of slacks and a few pairs of shirts and a pair of shoes? I’ll just wait for my Small Baby to come back in approximately two weeks to go shopping, no?

I think this would be the best thing to do and this is what I shall be doing tomorrow…


Point Blanc said...

haha, dude at last you have to conform into being the "suit":) Death to "the man"!!!!

lol, just playin', I feel your pain bro about not having any formal clothes, I had the same problem when I started to work in the corporate world..only maybe I did not have the luxury of your definition of "shopping":) Good luck CBM!

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